We help marketing directors reach their sales quotas using a video strategy, guaranteed.

Brands We've Worked With

Video production

WOW the viewer.

We shoot, design, and edit custom video content designed to convert leads into customers.
Brand Message Video

We build a relationship between the c-suite and the viewer in 5 minutes - after watching, the viewer feels like they've known you their whole life.
Testimonial Video

We provide social proof that your service or product actually helped someone, compelling the viewer to feel like your service works!
Explainer/FAQ Video

We explain how your product or service works or how you might sign up. Saves a ton of time explaining the same thing over and over (what's your refund policy again?). Some clients also take this opportunity to explain a commonly asked about topic.
Sizzle Promo Video

We leverage 3D graphics and social media primed "sizzle reel" videos to attract viewers to your platform or your website.
Masterclass Videos

Combined with a webinar funnel/promo, we drive viewers to your landing pages and demo your product or service leading to leads, appointments, and sales.
Client Onboarding Videos

Once sold, we help introduce new clients to your system or product to maintain client satisfaction and retention in your ecosystem.

Get more leads.

Optimize your social media profile
Social media is not rocket science. But it's a big ask to try and do it all yourself or to outsource to someone who doesn't know your business. We'll give you content to post and post it for you.
Connect analytics tools
You have built your company for all these years by focusing on the numbers. Treat your business the same way by collecting data.
Run paid advertising
Your competition is spending $$$ getting in front of the customer and taking away potential clients - we even the playing field.
Retarget those who are clicking

Because we're gathering data at every step of the way, we can stop wasting money showing ads to those who aren't interested and show ads to those who are interested.


Stop wasting time on leads that aren't serious.

You don't have time to waste on leads that don't close. Let us filter out those leads for you.


Screen Consultations

We will pre-screen leads that sign up for a free-consultation using criteria that you and I agree to beforehand.


Book Appointments

Those who are qualified will get booked on your own calendar. They will be super educated on the process and will simply want to know if your services are indeed for them.


Let Leads Go

Not all leads who sign up for a consultation are going to sign. We will let the ones who are not a good fit know of alternate resources.


Get Sales

Your job here is easy. We'll coach you on how things are going and help make sure that the potential client's you're seeing are signing on.
Money Back guarantee

<100% results? 
Get a refund.

You put your faith and budget with us and the technology we are using.

If we only deliver 50% of the results -> you get 50% back.

What's your value proposition?
We are the only video focused media strategy company that offers you an ROI or you money back. We believe spending money on your business should give you an evidence based result based on data, not wishful thinking. 
Why a money-back guarantee?
We believe so much in this system that if it doesn't work we will give you your money back (terms apply). Videos and creative assets are great but they're useless if they don't bring you more sales.
How does the money-back guarantee work?
Available in our 2nd and 3rd packages, we will give you a pro-rated refund of the entire payment if we do not meet the outcomes we promised. For example, if we get you 15 leads and we guaranteed 30, we will give you a 50% refund.
What is a qualified lead?
A qualified lead is defined as someone who clicks on your website and schedules a call (service based businesses) to learn more. They are only offered to hop on a call after filling out a form that filters out who is a good lead and who isn't. Good leads are offered your scheduling link and not good leads are redirected to additional resources. You may choose the filters.
How does the pay per lead work?
Let's say your average sale is $1,000. Your qualified lead show up rate is 50% and your closing % is 25%. Your goal is to get $100,000 by the end of the year. You would need 100 sales or 800 qualified leads. You would pay $250 for each qualified lead and $250 for each sale from each qualified lead.
What metrics do you look at to determine amount of adspend?
We look at sales metrics like average sale value, desired amount of additional revenue, desired amount of additional clients, show up rate, closing rate. We also look at marketing metrics if available like ad CTR (click through rate), CTAR (call to action rate), QR (qualifying rate), SUR (show up rate), CR (closing rate).