Gold Direct Care
We helped Dr. Gold attract more patients to his DPC practice using a video strategy
Direct Primary Care
Salem, MA
1-10 Employees

“Dr. Jeffrey Gold, Gold Direct Care"

We helped Dr. Gold build out his online presence using a video strategy

Before Working Together

Before working together, Dr. Gold had been spending $5,000+ on in-person mailers to attract more patients to his clinic for his new staff member, Meaghan, who is a nurse practitioner. They had tried out some paid online advertisements themselves but had not seen their return on investment.

Working Together

Working together, our team produced, edit, and released a series of videos to use for free traffic on, Gold Direct Care Instagram, and more.

After Working Together

After working together, Dr. Gold now has content to increase his book of patients. We are currently working together on the marketing plan!

Years in business
Patients in panel
Expected weekly new patient booking rate