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Boston, MA

Goal: Reach $80,000 in revenue by end of 2023

Strategy: Pay Per Metric - Masterclass Funnel

Before Working Together

Before working together, Sarah Parker had been investing in e-mail campaigns, networking, and conferences but had not invested in any paid online advertising or video strategies. As a company, Hope Immigration, PLLC was not profitable and needed to increase their revenue to $80,000 by end of 2023 to meet growth metrics.

Working Together

Working together, our team produced, edit, and released a series of videos to use in paid online advertisements - predominantly on Youtube. We experimented with different headlines, ad creatives, and landing pages with a masterclass funnel (see here: https://masterclass.ewebinar.com/webinar/top-5-costly-us-marriage-green-card-mistakes-to-avoid-how-i-help-couples-avoid-them-8606). We ran in-feed video advertisements starting with a budget of $500/month. Conversions were initially measured as masterclass sign ups but were eventually measured in converting viewers into legal consultations and eventually paid legal clients.

After Working Together

As of February 2023, we are currently optimizing the advertising campaigns and hope to help Hope Immigration become profitable by the end of 2023.

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